1, {We believe in “God”}

We recognize the actuality of [what is often referred to as “God”] the undefinable, unnameable source of all the beginning, all throughout, and all the ends of all universes, parallel universes, and possible timelines of each universe. In this eternal Consciousness’s totality which (as a form of “thought”) hosts each of all the variations of the Spiritual, Physical & Mental realms and everything within and throughout them within the realm of thoughts. This source continues to be all-encompassing, within and throughout all perspectives, perceptions, and universe of each and every dimension of its existence. Everything and everyone derives from its existence (as it's "Love") and the decision to know it's self and all the possible options and endless variations, by firsthand experience of its own Self sourced all these realities for its own Self (as the "son"). It is the totality of all existence within a singularity exceeding all measurement of any point of beginning or end, and the evidence of them as well.

“This ‘God' is above & before 'good & evil’ associations.”

~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

In Short, this Statute indicates that:

1. We believein only one true God, any partial image is not the totality of God

2. We believe that the wholeness of God is beyond definitions

3. We believe God can be evident in and throughout all existence

4. We believe that God is the only source of all possible variation of any and all possible existence

5. We believe that God is a form of “consciousness” and knows onlyconsciousness

6. We believe existence is an experience for God and it’s self’s experience of itself

7. We believe “reality” is only God and nothing else, everything else is a dimension or perspective in part