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Undefinable and Expansive

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding #1 "God":

❍ What does it mean to be “undefinable” and “unnamable”?

These words literally mean that you can not explain what it is, nor can it actually be labeled. Even while we use the term “God”, in itself it is not any definition that could be comprehended. A definition implies a limit to what it is, once it exceeds that definition it would then become some different definition. When there is nothing beyond the existence of totality, it can not increase in definition except to become that nothingness beyond it. “God” or any reference to this totality should not be diminished to any definition it contains.  

The “alphabet”, for example, is the wholeness of the letters of a language. To say the “alphabet” is only a few letters and not others is to diminish or redefine what the “alphabet” is. In this way “God” is not only vowels nor only consonants, it like the alphabet is the totality of what all-that-is, is. Regardless if that increases in letters later. To truly understand the whole “alphabet” you must know each of the “letter”s defined within it individually. In this metaphor we can conclude that each of us are a “letter”, with our independent characteristics and uses, the fullness of the “alphabet” knows each of the “letters” personally.  

 Now if we were to add additional objects or nouns into this “alphabet”, it would no longer be the “alphabet”. This is only theoretically possible to do because the definition of “alphabet” establishes a limit to what it is. It is only this amount of “letters” for English, and it is a different set of letters for Hebrew or French. While metaphorically this might be possible for deities, it is not possible for the totality of all existence. It contains all definitions and therefore in itself is beyond all of them. 

❍ If “God” can be evident, what am I doing wrong?

Try not to misunderstand why you are not aware of “God” in this world. In reality, You are forever innocent. It is in this dimensional perspective, that we have designed to ensure that we have no tangible evidence of there being a “God” or a "Wholly Spiritual Universe". Every being that comes to be born here is required to take about (the “original sin” also known as the “knowledge of good & evil”) a conceptual belief system that we are separate from the rest of the universe. This is so we can experience an independent personal identity. This concept goes hand-and-hand with the surrendering of the (“knowledge of eternal life”) awareness of “God”.  

To become aware of this knowledge of “God”, you must surrender the knowledge of that separation which you already possess, and “knowledge” can only be obtained by a consciousness. It has never been about the actions that kept the awareness of spirit from you. It is how you feel about them, and how you feel is always distorted by the way in which you think and believe about it. Usually, those actions are your excuses to continue those distortions.  

Ultimately the recognition is that “God” truly is evident here, but it is all perverted by that “knowledge”. All the world is not what seems so obvious, it all is literally the projection of that separation concept, changing and shaping what “God” actually is, seems to be a world of people. What we refer to as “body senses” are the consciousness choosing to perceive those aspects of “God” though that separation, making it into “feeling”, “seeing”, “hearing”, and so on.  

Those who achieve where meditation is taking you, those who apply forgiveness to the finest degree, all will indeed discover many layers of reality and this will always be the beginning and the end of all of them. 

❍ If everywhere, why don’t I experience “God”?

The way we designed this dimensional perspective (the “world”) is without any awareness of there being a “God” or not. It is everywhere in alternate dimensions of this same “place”. Don’t think of “God” as a person, it (being everywhere) is within and throughout all existence, even you. Those who have come to discover it are no more deserving than you are, they may be more dedicated and discerning possibly, but definitely not more deserving. You are as close to it as the holiest person, who may have an inquisitive mind that likes to solve puzzles and riddles, even as this world could be understood as one large one.  

It is not that you do not experience “God”, it is that you currently don’t recognize that you only experience “God” and have never or could never experience anything else. “God” is not only all existence, “God” is all there is. Everyone and thing that seems to be, is actually “God” playing along with its only-begotten child’s game. Experienced together flawlessly a new unique way of “living”, without any judgment simply enjoying whatever the child chooses to be their experience next. 

❍ Why do I feel alone, abandoned and apart from “God”?

You see, this is a condition of this particular dimensional experience. It has been called the “knowledge of good & evil” because it is a concept of separating what will always be singular. When “God” is deemed separate (by the perspective of consciousness) from any aspect of existence, it can not be recognized as it actually is (by that consciousness). And this is why everyone who has recognized “God”, has first surrendered this knowledge (which is a characteristic of consciousness). All of these beings would teach that to achieve this, is a degree of “forgiveness” (whether they call it that or not). “Forgiveness” is not meant to be simply a pardon of the “evil” done, but a seeing beyond the concept that there is “evil” or “good” entirely. As this can be done in prayer or meditation, in contemplation or any seeming unusual situation, for it is not the event that brings it about, it is You that does.  

❍ How can there be only “God” when I see so much more?

This concept can seem complex to a mind that insists there are trillions of things and assumes “God” is another one of those things out there, yet it is actually quite simple. When we talk about dimensions we literally talk about another perspective of the same thing. That one thing is “God”, before “time & space” would be what is the Zeroth Dimension. The “world” and all physicality is referred to as the third dimension mathematically, also is it so in spirituality. However the second dimension is not flat, but it does have fewer attributes, being only the movement and illumination of the quantum holographic “Wholly Spiritual Universe” (aka “energy”, “soul” or “spirit”). You can recognize this as the atoms, or what I would say is making up atoms.  

Even while we experience atoms everywhere, every day, many would exclaim (without education of them) that they do not exist nor do they know them, this could even apply to our cells of the body which is massively larger than atoms. Yet these atoms and cells collectively is what we are as bodies. Your body was developed to perceive the collection of them as a whole, yet as individual cells (or atoms) they (we) are not. In this same way is “God” experienced right now, but at a much different “depth”. Even while the idea of “depth” doesn’t apply to the totality of that which is “God”, it is a supportive concept to comprehend the differences of dimensions. 

Eyeballs, being made of cells and atoms, are only made to see cells and atoms at the physical level. They are not made to see additional depths of verity or other dimensions occurring right now in this very same place. Your brain is made in the same fashion, it is strictly a processing system of the sensory perceptions. It is just like the senses are not made to experience anything different than the physical dimensions. However, what the life and “consciousness” that perceives and experiences your brain and the senses is not from nor in this physical dimension. When it comes to know itself, it is able to recognize alternate dimensions, even as “God”.

❍ If “God” is a Consciousness, is it also “Energy”?

In the fullness of reality, there is not actually a difference between what it (“God”) is and what anything else is. So, if you can think of it, it is also within the totality of all existence. In this way does “God” work and “create”. This often seems debatable, however regardless the experience, there must be a consciousness to experience it. Notice how you experience this physical world right now, perception is an attribute of consciousness. You perceive the physical experience. In the same way, think of your spiritual experiences, you were there perceiving it. You “think” about it and “process” it, “observing” and “aware” of it. All attributes of a consciousness. 

While it is easy to confuse this “divine” consciousness with this “physical” consciousness, yet they are very different in awareness. The physical consciousness is that brain in your body that is only perceiving the sensations of your body. This is the “ego” (fourth dimension) consciousness, which only knows and is obsessed with the “physical” (third dimension) experience. So with this we can recognize that if we no longer perceive with the “ego” consciousness, we could then see what existence is without it’s distortions of separation. Then one opens up to recognizing one or more alternate dimensions, likely being a variation of the "Wholly Spiritual Universe". 

This Spiritual Universe is popularly known as “energy”, “holy spirit”, “soul” or simply “spirit”. In itself it is a collective “mass” in “space” of movement and illumination, which is designed as a holographic representation of the consciousness which observes it. Without this consciousness this is all what “God” is, however as soon as it developed this concept of itself (“son of god”) it all became the representation of that consciousness. This “energy” is the images you see and the textures you feel, and it is everything you believe you are. So yes, the “energy” of the universe is the representative of “God”, and it is “God”. Yet in itself it is not the wholeness of “God”. 

❍ Is this suggesting that I am also “One-with-God”?

Yes, it is. Plain and simple. Every single being that has ever experienced beyond their sensory perceptions and beyond their “ego” knows, teaches, shares and performs “miracles” from this. Simply put, everyone and everything is contained within the sum of all existence. You are not special in this way. You are a unique experience for it to live as you, while not remembering anything else but you. “God” is eternal and has plenty of time to be what it is. Even billions of years as “humans”, is only a temporary condition. I guarantee if you were diligent and determined enough to get beyond yourself and everything you experience, you too would eventually recall this fact. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding #2 “God’s Son":

❍ What is a "perceptual percentage"?

To break down the concept of both of these words together, I like to think of my own eyes, body awareness, and personal life perspective. This is a percentage of perceptual awareness of the universe, which can increase in percentage if I train my mind. So you can consider each of us a “perceptual percentage”, an individual point of perspective looking and experience the universe. Some might be more aware than others, while some might only be temporary.  

Outside of perception is the totality of “God”, in itself it can not perceive, for that implies a separate aspect of itself to “look at”. A division between perceiver and perceived. Essentially at any point of this “division” is what the “Son of God” is. This is the only “difference” between “God“ and the “Son of God”. The ability to perceive can be in any degree of perceptions, and we as humans are not very high on that scale. I think of the vastness of the totality of all that is, all universes and galaxies, and what we are as a human seems so small. For the sake of example, we can say that this human perspective is 1% awareness and it looks out of the universe to see the rest of the 99%.  

As one increases in awareness of their minds, they increase in percentage, with thresholds of each dimensional perspective of the universe, expanding itself. Eventually reaching that point of being the perspective of 99%. And there only “God” (the last threshold) can take the last step, for it is all that is 100%.

❍ Does this mean I am the “Son of God”, isn’t there only one?

It sure does. Not to say that you are special, but that everyone is “special“. Of course, it seems complex while there seems to be so many different types of people, with an even larger amount of different types of “souls“. Nor does this take away the title from anyone else, it is an alternate dimension to all experiences. Perhaps you can imagine a virtual-reality game, where inside it you play a character limited by its programmed abilities and the laws which the game establishes. Yet outside of the game, you are who you are with different abilities and the laws of this world, not of the game. You might enjoy having multiple characters in this game, to experience different scenarios involving their unique personality types and abilities. You might even have these different characters which you play meet and work with each other. But outside of the game, you remain the individual who you are. In this way, we can understand a little bit of the concept of an alternate dimension, and how one being could live millions of us inside one dimension, and be singular on an “outside” dimension. While the metaphor falls short, the idea here is to comprehend the ability of this “Son of God“ to remain “the ONLY begotten” while living multiple beings at the same time. While it seems a little extreme, consider this alternate dimension has laws the physical world would refer to as miraculous. 

❍ If I was "Christ", Wouldn’t I know who I am?

 Not if you didn’t want to. The choices of a “God” are far more encompassing than the little choices of a human. To make a decision to be in a reality where its own self seems to not be existent, would generate every detail of a reality to be completely supportive of that decision. As far as comprehending what that decision was, think of it like an elaborate puzzle for an eternal being, one that knows and has known for what we consider “forever”. What would challenge an all-knowing and all-powerful being? Could an “all-knowing” being remember their own reality when they do not only not remember who they are, but wholly believe they are someone else entirely? In a way, it would be the ultimate test of any creation, for the all-powerful to also get lost in its creation. While this is not exactly how it works, it is one of the only ways for a linear-perspective to grasp a non-linear concept. Remember alternate dimensions are paradoxical to each other and tend to clash in their “laws”. Included is the way you see yourself, if you are trying to remember your "Christ" self as a body experience, you will only find past-lives. "Christ" is not a body, it has lived as bodies but you will never recall it if you look for the bodies it lived. The question is; what has lived all these lives. Still, you may only discover a Soul, so ask furthermore; what lives as this Soul? Often referred to as an “intelligence” or “consciousness” a pure mind, forgiven of all its definitions of the world will experience it for themselves. 

❍ How can my life be miserable if I am “God’s Son”?

While this dimensional perspective is designed to leave the Order-of-Creation outside of awareness, it remains an aspect of ourselves and how our world is created. All difficulties arise from not recalling this but continuing to use it regardless. Habits are formed pertaining to decisions which alter reality, however, habits to a creative being is the presence of a practically stagnant world which slowly goes downhill along with that creator's mind while it chooses to believe it is lost in it. There are many ways to reach it, however, the only real solution to all problems is the authentic recollection of itself. 

❍ Are you saying that the “Son of God” can choose bad things?

Yes, the “Son of God” is absolutely free to choose anything in its existence. It’s choices being everlasting and forever is a wholly different story. Being everlasting and eternal it does not know of or experience “good & bad” in the same fashion. The majority, if not all “bad” actions all revolve around the body doing things to other bodies, and all neglect awareness of the eternal aspects of ourselves. Of course in the physical world there are actions that should not be condoned, however please recognize every single one of these actions are all revolved around bodies pain and death. Now, outside of bodies entirely we can understand that we would then already be “dead” and therefore don’t need to make choices to fend it off. The majority of our choices are made in a delicate fashion to ensure that we don’t accidentally fall into death. So imagine that you have already and now you don’t need to worry about it or your children’s death anymore. A freedom and relaxation comes over those who accept this perspective, because the not believing in death is the belief in eternal-life. Many choices for creation are made with this eternal-life mindset. Yes, in “life”, death is scary and fending it off is justified but outside of it, death is meaningless. 

So to understand how "Christ" could choose “wrong” or “bad” you must understand that outside of physical time & space, it is completely innocent in all its choices. As it has been referred to as the “knowledge of good & evil”, it is also described as the opposite of the “knowledge of eternal life”. So recognize the connections to what I speak of, “life” as a body is literally a derivative of the “knowledge of good & evil”. That means outside of this knowledge is eternal life. Yet within it, eternal life seems to be separated into “good & evil”. What “God” is has no reason to fend off death, therefore it knows not of “evil”. It is all-powerful therefore knows no resistance. It is all-knowing and therefore knows not of forgetting. 

❍ Does this mean I create my own reality?

Yes it does, however there are far more layers to the mind which make it sometimes seem so, and sometimes not. What we are as independent little minds, it is not so, metaphorically it is only a tiny point on the surface of a gigantic iceberg which is also joined with the entire ocean and all the atmosphere. The thoughts we think in this “little mind” are little ripples, small shadows of the actual thoughts of this “Big Mind” of "Christ". Everything and everyone literally are the thoughts of this “Christ”.  All exists within its “Mind”, even as it seems like a whole world exists in one of your sleeping dreams. 

This “Christ” has existed for a very long “time” and has made a multitude of decisions within creation including all the laws, restrictions and limitations it experiences. The physical person is only an experience of those decisions. Since the beginning it quickly realized that there was no opposing forces to its desires, and kept adding more instantaneously. When the concept of personality came into play it was seeing the manifestation of color frequencies move and fluctuate along with itself. Similar to the way you see images and hear thoughts in your mind after you think. Just like how you think those are your personal thoughts, "Christ" saw (and still does) see the existence on creation as its own thoughts.

Throughout the development of the existence, us persons become points where it can perceive and experience the rest of itself through. It has been entirely free to “create” anything it desires and while on the journey didn’t realize with that ability and not knowing that ability at the same time would generate a loss of its own identity as it now believes what it is currently experiencing is all that is, and any more is just theory or beliefs it doesn’t actually experience. While this does not mean the reality of itself is lost, it does mean to its awareness it is. 

Even as now, you have been desiring to know yourself and awaken to this truth and as it gets “larger” in your mind, the universe will begin to reflect that more, in the same way getting lost in it has been reflected.

❍ Does this mean nothing exists but "God" and I?

This is true, however, depending on the “depth” of dimensional reference even the “Son of God” doesn’t exist to the totality of “God”, everything there is, is only “God” and nothing else exists. So of course in other dimensions like the third, all the many objects and people do exist, and if we were to answer this question according to it’s physical experience this answer would definitely be not true. Yet it does remain true in this same place but only true in another layer to our dimensional experience. 

Depending on what we were to reference, I usually acknowledge that all existence is “God”, the “Son”, and the”Wholly Spiritual Universe”. This is because the “Spirit” is the representation aspect of “God” while the “Son” perceives it. As soon as the division of the “Son” occurred, what is referred to as the “Voice of God” is all of the rest of “God”. Yes this means all is “God” (0th dimension), then a percentage of its self become it’s perceiver (1st dimension), and what it than perceives is “God” becoming/represented as the “wholly spiritual universe” (2nd dimension). (Discussed more in further statutes)

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding #3 “Holy Spirit":

❍ What is a “holographic representation”?

A hologram is an illusionary projection device science has yet to perfect, even simply visually. There are several aspects to it, simply put, visually it involves a light source bouncing off a series of points within a space to produce an image which is than processed by the perceiver. It involves the illumination and the movement of this “energy”, it’s own light bouncing off of its own movement. In this experience what we know as our sensory perceptions are all processors working together to translate this projected image, providing a flawless impression of a seeming “literal existence”. 

It naturally came to be when the perceiver of reality decided to do just that, and began to perceive within itself. It used it’s own self to become the perceiver and the perceived. It’s presence seems to be people and things because of the processing system we have designed for it to communicate with it. Each of the six senses are made to process the same energies differently, ensuring the ability to also hear what you can see, and to taste what you have felt, and smell what you have seen and so on.

There also is a distinct processing aspect to the consciousness, which I often refer to as the little mind, it in itself is one of these senses but unlike the rest, it receives the energy of the others to process them together, as the others have processed the same energy independently from each other. This processor establishes definitions and distributes them to the energies received as well as retains the previous definitions for continuous use. This is commonly referred to as memory, however it only retains what it has defined, in turn defining “itself” and it’s personality. 

This hologram receives its inspiration of what to be by this entire consciousness, and not only the personality aspect of it. In fact all the senses including the independent personality is part of the holographic universe. So when someone bases their beliefs off of what they experience within it, there is a vicious circle between perceived and perceiver which often leads to stagnation and redundancy in life. That is why “faith” and “hope” are important, for they open the mind to inspiration, a willingness to experience beyond what one already knows.

❍ Is the “Holy Spirit” an intelligent being?

It would depend on your definition of what a “being” is. It is easy to assume things we don’t understand to be similar to what we are currently familiar. Naturally, us humans think of ourselves as advanced and therefore assume something more advanced then us would be like us or with features similar but better than what we find flawed about ourselves. In all seriousness, none of “God”, the “Christ” or this “Holy Spirit” are humanoid, nor do any of them have individual perspectives in their wholeness. Nor can they be distinguished  from each other by any other means than by function and capabilities. 

The “Wholly Spiritual Universe” is referred to as “energy”, the substance which makes up atoms. It seems to have an intelligence because of its function of reflecting our intelligence flawlessly while expanding its awareness. However, “intelligence” references to an ability to judge and process that judgment to choose a seeming better outcome. The “Wholly Spiritual Universe” seems to motivate, inspire and guide us to our source because it has a natural current in a circular motion, returning back to the same center of source of which it left. 

It seems to guide with a greater intelligence then what we have, because we currently deny the majority of our “intelligence”, which it knows and reflects in its totality and not the partiality of awareness we see as our individual person. This journey it guides us on, leads us to full awareness of that intelligence. However because of the reflective nature of it, it can not guide any quicker then one is willing to follow it, using the reflective symbols to expand slightly to the next step.

❍ How does this “Wholly Spiritual Universe” choose what appears real?

The only way it seems to choose at all is in the natural course it flows. Even as a river flows by gravity, numbers count by logic, a baby to suckling, the natural course of this spirit flows from and back again to it’s source. Even while it seems to represent real objects and people, it is not at all. It actually is the perceiver consciousness which makes it seem like anything at all. Without the consciousness of Christ nothing seems real within the movement and illumination of it, simply like a static screen (of infinite potential) without any definitions or shapes of its own at all. It has no judgment of what is made real or not, it is a pure acceptance that gives this “son” all it ever wants and believes. It is only the Christ which ever chooses, even while it chooses to forget this truth instead. It is made real without judgment.

❍ How Is the “Wholly Spiritual Universe” the same as the “Holy Spirit/Ghost”? 

Because of how our consciousness is designed to project the way it sees itself onto it’s world, also does it distort the perception of understanding the “Wholly Spiritual  Universe“ which you cannot see nor understand without the images of its own making. While it is always representing the consciousness it can appear to be any sort of construct of personages that that consciousness desires to see. So it has been referred to as an entity, even a “Holy Ghost“ as if it is a specific soul which could leave your presence. Continuing to project the idea of separation into/onto a wholly connected energetic spiritual reality. Even as a mirror, you cannot look into it without it looking back at you. While it’s not always as obvious as a mirror, it will always show you something in existence, and it derives that representation from what you believe desire and think. 

It is the same as what has been referred to as “holy spirit“ and “holy ghost“, but in a more explanatory fashion that leaves room for its undefinable nature. Ensuring that it’s not seen as an entity specifically, and recognized as a manifestation occurrence within a holographic universe. What seems to be able to leave your presence is your own awareness and choice to recognize its guidance which is a natural course to its source. 

Often it is described with such ideas like: “God spirit will leave your presents when your actions are not worthy of its love“ and this is an easy misunderstanding when one projects their ideas of themselves as persons, onto it. The only reason people do not seem to feel or know of the Wholly Spiritual Universe, is because it is a constant that is always around and within all sensations of our “reality”. You feel it constantly, you see it constantly, and you know it constantly. Sure, you may be distracted by actions good or bad thinking that there’s some thing other than this “gods love“ that is actually there. However it is always there and all “good” actions and lifestyles can be just as distracting from its awareness as “bad” actions and lifestyles.

❍ Why is the “Wholly Spiritual Universe” called the “voice of god”?

This is a term used throughout history for when someone is the representative of someone else, often delivering a message or even standing in their position of authority. To describe what the Wholly Spiritual Universe is more accurately we will emphasize the term “representative” or to “represent” for it does do just that. The reality of its holographic nature is to give image (and all sensory perceptions) to the relationship of “God” and the “Son”. All that you see and experience is this representation, this relationship. 

In no way should this term be used to diminish the vastness of what the Wholly Spiritual Universe is to a mere voice. While it indeed does represent with a voice, it would only do so if that is where you are looking for it’s inspiration. For it is a constant and only manifests inspiration to those looking for it. As it has been called “by faith”,  one requires a trust, an assumption that you’ll find or receive a manifested sign or being as a form of communication with a higher aspect of our one-mind than currently aware. It communicates with all sensory perceptions, for being that representative it does desire you to be happy.

❍ Does this “Spirit of God” leave the sinful?

No, this is actually impossible. While any thing or action can be distracting, it is a major misunderstanding of what the Wholly Spiritual Universe is. If it were possible for this “Spirit” to not be present anywhere, there would be an emptiness of existence there (maybe that’s what a blackhole is). It quite literally is the wholeness of existence perceived. It is not a separate “ghost” or “soul” that can come and go from your presence. Even the actuality of a “ghost” or “soul” is not either a separate entity from the energy of this “Spirit” around it. Sure there are different frequencies which could feel better than others, according to your resistances yet it is important to remember that all that is manifest in this Wholly Spiritual Universe is a reflection of the perceiver, you. So while it does attempt to inspire you gently along your journey, it can only go as far as you are willing. It will never show a wholly resistant mind, the vastness of the eternities, nor even the slightest inclination that the world it seems to be in has any flaws about it. One must desire, call upon and begin to follow its guidance in order for its inspiration to seep in. 

So while it may seem that some are more connected to this “Spirit” more than others is strictly based off of their desire for it, which led them to ask/pray to it and have begun to do what they believe it is guiding them to do. These “callings” are entirely personal and can not be distributed to any collective of persons. They often are misunderstood as morals which are always a personal choice, and it very well might motivate you to have these morals or even “break” them at any point. Every body is learning how to follow this guidance and it will always appear different for others, being unique to their path and stage of spiritual development. One major thing to remember is, you concern yourself with your guidance and let others be concerned about theirs, unless they ask you for support or advise. Easily is there conflict from confusing what your guidance is to others, this brings far too much pain between persons to be worth it.

❍ Is this “Holy Spirit” actually part of “Holy Trinity”?

Yes, indeed it is. The “Father God”, “Son Christ” and the “Wholly Spiritual Universe” are indeed the only actual aspects of all existence. They are all the same one “thing” which seeming parts only differ in function. It it within their relationship that everything has come to be. While it is to distort this understanding into the forms one sees themselves, they are dimensions of existence and not “heads” nor do they have heads, they are not entities in themselves, but literally all the entire universes of universes of all timelines of all variations of all options of them. To put it as simple as possible, “God” is all, “Christ” is its perception and the “Wholly Spiritual Universe” is the rest of “God” which the “Christ” looks upon to perceive, it is there all dimensions are represented by the “Wholly Spiritual Universe” that the “Christ” has conjured up in its consciousness. You and your world, everything you know and identify with, are a representation of a thought in this consciousness.