The Statutes Of The Divinely Realized © Undefinable and Expansive © Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne  - This is #1 Commonly referred to as:  *God*

We acknowledge the actuality of the undefinable, unfathomable, and unnameable source of all beginnings, continuations, and conclusions of all universes, parallel universes, and potential timelines of each universe. The totality of this eternal, ethereal, and celestial consciousness encompasses and hosts all variations of spiritual, physical and mental realms. Its reality remains total and all-encompassing, within and throughout all perspectives, experiences, and universes of each and every dimension. It is the sum total; a singularity which is all existence, exceeding all measurement of any point of beginning or end, or the evidence of them.

As both observer and all explorable depths perceivable, in its entirety, it cannot be perceived. Everything and everyone originates from its decision to intimately understand and experience every conceivable option and variation of itself. Naturally a percentage of itself became the perceiver (as “Christ”) the rest of it became the perceived (as the Wholly Spiritual Universe). All existence is their love, all they experience is their relationship, and all they expand into is what it (as “God”) has always been.

“This ‘God' is above & before 'good & evil’ associations.”

~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

In Short, this Statute indicates that:

1. There is only one true “God”, any partial image (body) can not be the actuality of “God” (but they could be a deity as a lesser god). It could not have a female version to what it is, as all that is. Nor is it a male. It is all existence.

2. The wholeness of “God” is beyond any and all definitions. All terms attempting to describe it (like “God”) can only direct attention to it.

3. “God” can never leave any aspect of existence, and it can be evident in and throughout it all. It’s “Spirit” can not leave your presence, it can only become a seeming experience absent of awareness.

4. The "Mind of God" is the sole source of all potential variations in existence; no other source can exist, as it would also be an aspect of "God."

5. "God" is a form of consciousness and knows solely that consciousness; nothing else exists. Everything materializes within it as "thought."

6. Existence serves as an experience for "God," which it encounters through the "Self of God" within each of us.

7. The entirety of reality is "God," while everything else constitutes a dimension or perspective of it, seemingly fragmented.

Additional Clarification:

What “God” is can be said to be our purest reality. It is what all existence as it is now, when it is completely embraced and therefore has no partial perspective and is therefore everywhere. When “God” is perceived in partial perspectives, it appears to be specific dimensions which each offer different variables to a “person” which adheres to alternate laws and experiences. While one is in focus, the others seem to have more or less restrictions and laws. When one meets a lesser restrictive dimension it appears to be more “powerful” and therefore more “godly” then those with greater restrictions. The “restrictions” are what define the particular percentage in awareness, when they are lessened it is due to the awareness expanding. When there are greater restrictions it is because the awareness is more condensed. The reality of “God” remains the same, whole and complete even while it seems that there be different manifestations of it within these partial perspectives.

Levels of Interpretation:

Regarding the Concepts of “God"

1. Physicality is the only God

As physically focused beings, the world and stars are one of the most magnificent things in our perceptual existence. Therefore it is only natural that we attempt to understand its mystically by what we already know and understand. The structure of them are often broken up into their elemental characteristics, and are often expanded on with fantastic properties and endowed with different degrees of intelligence. Usually doing so for two reasons, either believing the elements or structure of physicality deserve some kind of worship and sacrifice or the parts can be manipulated for physical or mystical benefits.

While everything is contained in the reality of “God”, nothing including the “Sun”, “Mother Nature”, or the Elements are “God” in themselves. While they could be alternate dimensional beings that currently take a physical façade which may personally require duties of their subjects, the totality of “God” contains every dimension “physical” façade or not, therefore the actual “God” of all that is would find no need to complain about their given perspective.

2. God is it powerful alien

There has been genetic influences on our development by other physical beings who do claim to have provided more influence then they actually have participated. Even while it is more likely they are aware of the reality of “God” within themselves, many from outside perspectives believe themselves as “god”. While they may have a greater dimensional awareness and abilities that we do not understand, they are still a specific separate entity therefore they can only be among “gods”.

Naturally when we are visited by some sort of technologically or dimensionally advanced species far superior to our own, we would see their abilities and wisdom as “godly”. While their influence can and has been world altering, technology does not make “God”, only fear makes superiority. Because they are separate many of them rule with fear, so they often require services and offerings in place of their pending doom. Unlike the reality of “God” they, much like humans, will judge you worthy or not of their presence.

3. There are multiple Gods

While any more advanced culture or species could claim godliness and be worshipped as such, there is a reason many say there is only “One True God”. This is a statement of the original “Zeroth” dimension, which is also the last “Tenth” dimension. However, within variations of dimensions between there are highly advanced beings, including the “Son of God” which in the beginning, developed a council of its own “personality” traits. Often these are believed as separate entities, however they do not experience themselves in this fashion. They know all of themselves as the “Selves of God” and think in a collective fashion, with different approaches of expression and perception.

Of course everything we know and will ever has come into existence by this council, in no way are they “God” in themselves. They claim to be servants of “God”, and provide variations of concepts to explore within “God”, they oversee our adventures and will be the last of our own development before entering back into the wholeness of “God” again. Even as many extraterrestrial cultures, they are definitely more advanced then us humans but even themselves would not claim godhood.

4. God is a specific being outside

When we have a position in time & space that we call our own, also do we see many others with different positions as their own as well. We always place these people somewhere on a scale of what we approve of and disapprove of. There are a multitude of stories of people who others have revered in this fashion for a verity of reasons, use pertaining to miraculous experiences revolving around them and their teachings regarding how they understand the universe and “God”. At times even claiming themselves to be unified with “God”.

The problem doesn’t reside in their awareness of our reality united, one with “God”. But with those of us who look upon them and their stories and see them as worthy of being revered as a separate “God” and do not see ourselves as someone included in that union. Of course they could be more godly in a sense that they have achieved a greater dimensional awareness and may even experience a form of separation between you and them. However, for the totality of “God” this exclusion can not be so. Instead these beings must be recognized instead as examples of our personal potential in discovering and experiencing our union with “God” as well as our union with them.

5. God has an glorified but independent person

Of course while we seem to experience our own private thoughts and a will of our own, it is only natural too assume “God” also thinks separately from all of us. Which must mean that they can have unexpected decisions and judgments of us like we do of others. Regardless of them having a glorified body, a magnificent soul, or only a consciousness of an extreme awareness, we still think of them as apart from our ours. Even if they are a more advanced degree of consciousness which we are contained in, it is common to believe that our thoughts are our own and may or may not be worthy of god’s magnificence.

This remains a common misunderstanding even for those seeking to train their mind tor finding and experiencing “God”. As much as this is focused on a belief in the mind of being separate, it is actually specifically on the matter of having a free-will. This term is always used to reference to the ability to choose something different then another, and it is only possible if that other is indeed separate, however if it is one consciousness it could not make a choice apart from its own, unless it made another separate image that it called its own name so it could choose differently then it and existence itself being apart from itself.

6. Energy of Spirituality is God

When one starts to awaken the spirit within themselves they do begin to become aware of its movement and illumination. While each sensory perception experiences it differently, their beginning to be a recognition that this energy either has a source or is the source. Insisting that the energy in itself has common laws it adheres to, if not a supreme intelligence in itself. It does become evident that it is in and throughout everything that exists and there seems to be nothing else. It is only natural when one recognizes its authority and magnificence, to assume that it must be what “God” is.

Unfortunately, unless we insist that the perceiver of the energy is also made of this energy it does purpose the evidence of something else. Unless we believe, much like the concept that we are just physical animals in a physical world, there is something that we are which is being this experience.

7. God is incomprehensible

To say that “God” is indescribable, often puts the mind in a position where it believes it can look within its self and attempt to find the most extreme concepts and push their limits hoping, and often believing it can actually comprehend the incomprehensible. By definition, being impossible for the perception which can understand concepts, however it is important to recognize it is not impossible for it which is the only thing that can know it’s Self.

To reach this place of comprehension is also to reach beyond the understanding of our personal selves. That’s to say what “God” is that is incomprehensible is what comprehends. Everything in all perceptual realities are thoughts in its “mind”. And their existence is its experience of coming to understand the thought that you are. It is not possible from the perception of yourself to understand how yourself is the understanding of perception. Every thought which all existence is, while in time, is the thought process of all that “God” is unfolding with nothing, but nothingness it self being left out.

Stages of Achievement:

Explications Stratagies:

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 This example starts with a question regarding if you believe “God” is omniscient? If you agree, I want to ask if you understand that “omniscience“ means that something or someone knows everything, quite literally a knowledge that does not have any sort of absence where it does not know all about it? If this is true, then I hope that we can understand as we look at each other, I look at you and you look at me but we do not know each other as each other. I understand me, I know me, but I don’t actually know you. I believe that we can conceptually grasp that in order for me to really honestly know you, I would have to be you. I would have to know myself as you in order to know you, like you do. The same way I know myself.

  So omniscience isn’t a knowledge of information but a knowledge of first-hand experience. Nothing would be omniscient if it didn’t live as everyone. Therefore if you believe “God” is omniscient, you must also believe that it is living life in you and as you, right now. Because in order for it to know everything it must know you, as much, if not more than you do. Therefore if you believe in a “God” that is separate from you and strictly in someone else, then you also believe that “God” is NOT omniscient. That’s to say IF “God” is not within you now and is omniscient, you insist on contradictory beliefs. Either you believe “God” is omniscient or “God” is not.

 So if “God” is omniscient then it must also be united with the life within you, who knows you and is living your life as you. And as far as I can tell from my perspective, the only one in me is me. That life that I am must be what I am referring to as the one who knows me, the one that is living my life as me. Therefore if I believe in any stance of “God” being omniscient I must also believe that I am One with “God”. I must insist that if you believe “God” is omniscient, and yet do not believe that you are one with God now, you do not understand your own beliefs, or are lying to yourself hoping that someday you might understand it. Hopefully from this, your eyes are opened and you might recognize just how close to “God” you actually are.