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Welcome to undefinable and expansive.org, we are a creed which believes in living like the entirety of existence. Therefore all beings and religious affiliations are welcome!  - Read About.
The summery of existence is : God is; All, I AM.  - Read About.
Our Fundamentals; Unity, Purpose, Progress  - Read About.
The Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan is a representation of the movment and illumination of the Wholly Spiritual Universe.

Cultivating the Necessities of

The Inner-Motivation to

Know Thy Self.

Cultivating the Necessities of

the Inner-Motivation to Know Thy Self.

  "This is the "Religion" of the Entire Universe and all Existence. Of which you are already a Member.”

- Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

A Creed For Every Religion

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